Villagers chip in to save food van

Friday, July 31, 2009, This is Kent

A FISH and chip van has resumed its plaice on Ide Hill’s green after being forced to leave following complaints.

The Village Chippy van visited the village once before objections about noise and smell put a temporary stop to its trade, despite the majority of residents being in favour of it.

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After a campaign by residents and thanks to a slight change of location, the issue is now resolved and the van is back serving again.

Chip van owner Gary Yardley said: “We are now back serving the good people of Ide Hill on Wednesday evenings.

“My wife and I would like to thank the villagers for their support, which has been overwhelming. We certainly didn’t expect a petition to be raised on our behalf.”

After the fish and chip van visited the village for the first time in June, two residents complained to Sundridge with Ide Hill Parish Council about the smell and noise from the generator, and said where it had parked was a danger to traffic. But many villagers had been pleased with the van and were keen for it to keep coming.

Ann McPherson, owner of the Post Office Store, had backed the van after its first appearance and had wanted to see its return.

She said: “Everybody’s delighted it’s back. It’s still popular. It was just one or two people (complaining). Why should one person rule the village?”

The van has moved from its original spot, opposite the Post Office Store, nearer to the roundabout on New Road.

While the fish and chip van’s location was not directly an issue for Sundridge with Ide Hill Parish Council as the stall was not on its land, it did have some involvement in trying to find a more suitable spot for the van to park after the complaints were made to the parish council.

Parish council chairman Nick White said: “He’s now found a location closer to the roundabout which doesn’t interfere with the neighbours.

“The road’s wider there and the residents don’t get the smell and the noise. I’ve been up there and tried the fish and chips, and they’re very good.”