New, Bigger & Better!

The Village Chippy is pleased to announce the arrival of our latest mobile fish and chip van. The bespoke van represents a substantial investment by the Managing Director of The Village Chippy Susan Yardley. Susan says, with the new van and it’s ultra high specification we continue to invest heavily in the future. The Village Chippy is now able to cater for larger numbers in a shorter service time which is a substantial benefit to our ever increasing  customer base.

At the heart of the van is a high capacity 4 pan frying range which will not only enable The Village Chippy to fry more fish and chips faster but will also use less LPG gas, therefore helping us to stay competitive and keep costs down whilst helping the enviroment, everyone wins!

Take a look in the gallery section and see our new van for your self which is sporting the latest Village Chippy livery.